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Drumstick Vegetable


1.3-4 pieces drumsticks,

2.Mustard seeds,

3.Proportionate oil to cook,

4.One cup fresh grated coconut,

5.One sprig curry leaves,

6.Two inches ginger,

7.200 gms red pumpkin,

8.One tsp choppedLemon grass,

9.6-7 dry red cherry chillies and

10.Two tbsps kokam syrup.


1.Heat oil,add mustard seeds and curry leaves.

2.Add red pumpkin,sauté and let it cook by adding little water.

3.Add dry red chillies,ginger and drumsticks,cut into pieces and mix in the freshly grated coconut.

4.Mix in the kokam syrup,adjust seasonings and let it cook oversteam for few min.

5.Serve hot.

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